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Instant Noodles High Speed Bag Drop System Solution

1. High-speed synchronous delivery machine

At present, the production line class output of 200,000 bags has been the basic configuration, converted to a single unit of the bag throwing machine speed of 210 bags per minute, purely from the perspective of the bag throwing machine speed is no problem, but the problem is mainly in the synchronization of the placement. When the packaging machine speed of more than 180 packs per minute, the bag drop machine will appear to put the unstable situation, that is, the drop and packaging machine is not synchronized, the package is easy to fall, if the use of manual package support on the one hand, the human labor union can not keep up, on the other hand, the enterprise is also a waste of costs, limiting the speed of the production line.

To address this problem, Abel Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a synchronization device after intensive research and repeated tests. Through the servo automatic tracking system to achieve synchronous tracking of the packaging machine, so that the package and the packaging machine synchronization, so as to achieve the relative static package drop, so as to completely solve the problem of inaccurate drop, especially for multiple packages more effective. The highest synchronous feeding speed can reach 300 packs per minute, and the stable running speed is within 260 packs per minute, so that the bottleneck of the bale feeding machine at the back of the production line can be solved. The equipment can be used in conjunction with the bale thrower or independently.

Of course, it seems to be not enough to simply solve the problem of bale throwing, since it is a high-speed bale throwing system, it must be a system to solve, first of all, to achieve high-speed synchronization of bale throwing; secondly, the bale throwing machine should be high-speed and stable; the quality of the bale should be good enough, as far as possible, no catch bale and bad products.

2. High-speed bag drop machine

The advanced servo control technology makes it possible to achieve high speed in the bale throwing machine. The servo drive with its own PLC makes the whole system respond faster and has stronger anti-interference ability, so it is no longer necessary to process data through the external PLC, which saves a lot of response and system processing time. At present, the highest speed can reach 300 packs per minute; servo-driven cutting knife is precise and powerful, completely solving the phenomenon that the first generation of electromagnet bale throwing machine does not have enough suction after a long time; double-action knife design makes the machine run very smoothly at high speed, and the noise is very small, and the cut-out bales are more accurate and beautiful; the adjustment of the running trajectory of the cutting knife makes the knife run as a straight line instead of Curve tangent, so as to avoid the use of the knife for a long time on the situation of jamming, but also greatly extended the life of the knife, for the enterprise real savings in the use of costs. At the same time, manufacturers can also selectively increase the automatic exclusion function of even packet, which makes the high-speed operation more smooth.

3. Large capacity high speed bag stacker

The next issue to be discussed is the package of material, to achieve high speed bag throwing machine, first of all, the quality of the package must be good, the seal should be firm without pinching material, this problem in large and medium-sized enterprises has not been a problem; but still need to address the current industry stacked bags used in the material basket is small, each basket of material less caused by the phenomenon of too many packages. Most manufacturers are currently about 1500-3000 packages per basket of material, if the normal production speed of 150 packages per minute to calculate the production speed of the noodle packaging machine, a basket of material into the bag machine in 10-20 minutes can be cut, so there will inevitably be an interface, the bag machine will have a failure point, this is the industry must need to This is a problem that the industry must solve. According to the current domestic situation, coupled with foreign high-speed packaging machine for small bags, Abel has successfully developed a high-speed large-capacity bag stacking machine last year, stacking bags at a speed of more than 500 bags per minute, according to different materials per basket material can also be stacked 30000-40000 bags. This high-speed bag stacking machine has been successfully applied in other industries, so that you can avoid the normal use of the bag throwing machine due to the bag interface problems.

4. Automatic detection and troubleshooting

High-speed bag feeding system to achieve high speed, stability requirements are very high, we must exclude the corresponding instability to achieve high speed. To this end, the sachet packaging machine needs to have good performance, in addition to our stacking machine design are considered to do the corresponding detection of small packages, to avoid the flow of empty packages, even packages and other undesirable products to the next bag throwing process; bag throwing also needs to do the corresponding rejection of faulty packages and alarm, and can not affect the normal input; some manufacturers are also trying to use CCD imaging system to detect the lack of material when throwing bags, all the above measures are In the continuous improvement of the overall quality of instant noodles.

By solving the problems in the above aspects, the high-speed packet feeding system can be successfully applied and promoted, which can also break the bottleneck for the high speed of China's instant noodle industry and bring better benefits to the enterprises.

Instant Noodles High Speed Bag Drop System Solution
High-speed bag feeding system to achieve high speed, stability requirements are very high, we must exclude the corresponding instability to achieve high speed. To this end, the sachet packaging machin
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Instant Noodles High Speed Bag Drop System Solution     Accelerate the pace of upgrading and updating the instant noodle process equipment

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